Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Poggio Reale

a blend obtained by the blend of the three cultivars, such as Cellina of Nardò, Ogliarola and Coratina.

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The oil has a straw-gold color with greenish reflections, smells scents of herbs and berries.

The palate perceives a good fruity notes, characterized by a secondary bitter (a synonym of freshness) and spicy (the presence of polyphenols), and, at the end, hints of raspberry and wild berries, which are qualities you could do without but after tasting it.

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It goes well in cooking dishes of land, sea, sauces, vegetables and legumes. Its strong flavor manages to bring any kind of food. Perfect raw with carpaccio of land and sea, great for salads and on any dish that requires a fat basis but healthy. Its lightly bitter and spicy taste, synonymous with quality and freshness, enhance all the dishes.
We recommend it in diets, great for replacing animal fat even in desserts and baked goods. Especially for those who love tasty but healthy frying. In fact, the smoke point (when the oil starts to smoke) reached by the extra virgin olive oil quality is much higher than the oil of seeds, so more difficult to reach the dangerous temperature which causes the oil to give off harmful substances for Health


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